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About GRAMS — A 50 Year History
In 1959, a small group of model airplane enthusiasts primarily interested in flying radio-controlled (RC) model aircraft started a flying club, the Greensboro Radio Aeromodelers, Inc (GRAMS). GRAMS became a chartered club of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and later a North Carolina Corporation on April 19, 1979. The organization was granted a 501 (c) Federal Income Tax status on October 31, 1979.

GRAMS members first operated from a field off of Yanceyville Road. In the early 1960’s, GRAMS left the Yanceville Road field for a new flying site in Keeley Park which was located in Greensboro near what is now the White Street Landfill. Later the club moved to a new flying site in Sedalia, NC. The Sedalia flying field was abandoned when a new site, Branson Field, was located off of Huffine Mill Road, McLeansville, NC. GRAMS operated from this field until 1987 when the property was sold to make room for a housing development.

A new flying site, Dewey Huffines Field, located near the intersection of Osceola-Ossipee Road and Abb Road was opened in May of 1988. This site was home for GRAMS until early 1992 when a home was constructed on adjacent property directly under the landing pattern rendering the site unsuitable for use. A new site was located at 4944 Harvest Road and a Special Use Permit was approved for construction of a Model Airplane Flying Field on March 11, 1993. The new field was opened for use in mid September of 1993.

Again, because of a home built on adjacent property, the Harvest Road field had to be vacated on Dec
ember 31, 2006. GRAMS had advance notice of the termination of our lease agreement with Dan and Sandra Kerns, owners of the Harvest Road site, and has been fortunate in negotiating a lease on property jointly owned by Guilford County and the City of Greensboro, NC. This site, just off NC Highway 150 at 7790 Doggett Road, is our current flying site.

The GRAMS Club has had more than 100 members at times and celebrated its 50th Anniversary in October of 2009. Over the years, the club has conducted Mall Shows, Open House events and IMAA- and AMA-sanctioned Giant Scale Fun Flys.

GRAMS is committed to the future of model aviation. The Club has hosted local Cub Scout groups for a day of aviation where the kids got to fly on buddy-boxes with GRAMS' Instructor Pilots. GRAMS also offers a Student Pilot Training Program to assist non-flying members in becoming pilots.

If you are an experienced flyer who would like to come "try out" the field, contact an officer or friend who is a member and arrange a Guest Visit. You may visit up to three times. You must be with your friend or an officer and you must hold a current AMA License.

Club Contacts
The GRAMS Club Board Members are dedicated modelers eager to help. Feel free to contact any of the Board Members: The GRAMS Board Members are:

President, Vincent Daughtertyvdawg13@hotmail.com785-209-0494
Vice President, Roy Johnson    336-549-9057

Secretary, George Lawson — glawson10@triad.rr.com336-644-1255
Treasurer, Field Marshal  Steve Vergamini — svergamini@triad.rr.com407-902-4524

New Member Packet
Well, if you have gotten this far, you have read the GRAMS Info Page and are probably interested in hearing more about the joining process. It is simple. 
Click the following links to get printer-friendly New Member Packet documents: GRAMS Membership Application, GRAMS Dues StructureGRAMS Rules & Regulations, and Join The Club Instructions.

Once you have your New Member Packet, here's what you have to do:
  • Come See Us— Visit the field and chat with one of the Club Contacts listed above, or contact one via email or phone!
  • Read the Rules— Everybody has rules. GRAMS has them, too.
  • Submit an Application— Tell us about yourself and your activity in the hobby.
  • Get Voted In— The Board will screen your application and present it to the Club Membership. This is a very informal bunch and you will be among friends!
  • Ground School & Check Ride— Meet with one of GRAMS' Instructor Pilots for Ground School and a Check Ride! We want you to enjoy your membership safely!
Renewal Process
OK, once you’re a member, Membership Renewal is a no-brainer. Our club's fiscal year ends in December, just like the AMA Membership. Typically, all members will get their GRAMS Membership Application mailed to them with the November or December Newsletter. You can also get it here.  Renewal Application.

What If…you just want to try this RC thing and have no idea where it will take you? AMA allows its charter clubs to do a one-time introductory flight. You get to pilot a fully-capable RC aircraft using a "buddy box". The buddy box is kinda like Driver's Ed for model airplanes. Contact a club officer, or come out to the field and ask about an intro flight. You won't be disappointed and you might have to make a trip to the hobby shop on the way home!

What If…your kid wants to fly, but you don't know if he'll like it? You don't want to spend a lot of money if he decides he doesn't want to do this. This is a common question. If you have purchased one of the Park Flyer models, you can get help at the field. Club Instructors or other experienced members will be glad to test fly and answer questions about the model.

We do offer a one-time introductory flight. You get to pilot a fully-capable RC aircraft using a "buddy box". The buddy box is kinda like Driver's Ed for model airplanes. Contact a club officer, or come out to the field and ask about an intro flight.

What's a hit and you want more to see if this is the right fit. If you want to take the next step, GRAMS offers a Trial Membership. Or, you can go all the way and become an Open, Family, or Youth Member. 
See the GRAMS Dues Structure and the other documents in the New Member Packet for more info.

                                                             Come See Us!  
7790 Doggett Road, Browns Summit, NC 

                                                     Mailing Address: GRAMS, PO Box 362 Browns Summit, NC 27214
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