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Snow at GRAMS!!

Can you believe it?  A decent amount of snow in the Piedmont!  Perfect time to fly, even if you have to hike in from the road because the gate is frozen shut and the driveway has 5 inches of snow.  Check out the Gallery for a few more pictures.

The perfect plane for snow flying, can't beat the landing gear on this one.

Fun Fly 2013!

We had a great turnout at the Fun Fly this year, so thanks to everyone who came out.  Plenty of airplanes were sold and there was flying all day long, including a few incredible helicopter pilots that helped us trim the tobacco field a little bit.  The barbeque was great and the weather cooperated, couldn't have asked for much more.  Be sure to check out the Gallery for more pictures.

Lots of planes at GRAMS for the Fun Fly

Who can find the helicopter? (No really, there's one in there)

Friendly visitors, thanks to all for showing up!

GRAMS Newsletter, September 2013.

Keep up with the club, you can read the most recent GRAMS newsletter here.

Old GRAMS Newsletters.

July 2013 here.
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Cub Day, err, Sub Day...

Thanks to everyone who came out to GRAMS' first ever Cub Day, and watched it rain all day long with us... We had a few people flying and a bunch of people huddled under the shelter, but all for a good cause. We had 26 pilots register to fly and were able to raise $525 for the Wounded Warrior Foundation, considering the weather, that's great. Again thanks to everyone who came out for the good cause.  

Sonny's New Airplane Finally Flys!

The new Decathlon made its maiden flight a few weeks ago at the club workday.  We were lucky to get the flight on video, including a few of the more "delicate" moments. See the Gallery for more pictures of the Club Workday and the maiden flight.

Here's the First Flight, and for your enjoyment, a Blooper Film.

Raise Your Hand If You Like Model Airplanes
This was the mob at the Fun Fly last Fall. It was a perfect day, except for some wind. As you can see, we had the young...and the rest of us on the field that day. It was a great day and a lot of fun. Our 2013 Fun Fly is officially scheduled!  Check out the Events page for more info. It should be even better!

Missed By Thaaaaat Much!
Wayne Jones on a pass for the Limbo Event at the Fun Fly. Considering the crosswind, the aerodynamics of a SPAD and the pressure of his fellow GRAMS members, Wayne did well!

No Guts, No Glory?
Well, whoever came up with that saying was not an RC pilot. There is NOTHING glorious about seeing the guts of your plane! This was a casualty of the Fun Fly. 

Bail Out
There were some large Cubs at the Fun Fly. This one had a bomb-bay door that let these little guys out. The key to doing this more than once is to fly the plane after dropping the chutes. DO NOT try to fly chutes and forget about the plane! 

Friends In The News
Robert Still has been busy in his new business, Southern Aero. Check out this great story about him and the company on Fox 8's Roy's Folks. Great job on that Cub! Click here.

Kaden Solos!

GRAMS' youngest member made his solo flight on Father's Day. Pilot and Dad are very happy! Good job Kaden! Aerobatics here we come! Check out the video.

Kaden & Cap580!
Like I said, it wouldn't be long before Kaden was flying more advanced airplanes. Here is video of Kaden flying an ElectriFly Cap 580.

Ready, Aim, Paint Ball
This group of shooters put a hurtin' on two different airplanes at the Fun Fly. The Club Trainer got a new paint job, but the Stryker got the worst of it. Before the day was over, you could see through its airframe at several locations. It finally got shot down and was destroyed by the daughter of the pilot! That's OK. Dad was done with that one anyway :)

Sonic On The Way
This pilot was spotted in the cockpit of our VP's Twist. He is a capable pilot and has helped out on a few flights. Hopefully, Sonic will stay out of the ground!

Archived Items
Here are some of the items that were placed on the Frequency Board in the last few years. These are in PDF format.

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